Shanks and McEwan
Principle Consultant:


Project Capital Cost:
£1 000 000


The plant, which was built on a green field site, is designed to accept a variety of aqueous industrial wastes for treatment and disposal. It includes a transfer station for bulking of wastes for treatment elsewhere.


Process feasibility studies, outline process design and equipment specification.

The plant consists of a tank farm for the storage of incoming liquid wastes, batch reactors for neutralisation of acidic or alkaline wastes, sludge dewatering and sewer discharge.

The equipment scope includes storage tanks for various categories of wastes, transfer pumps, two batch neutralisation reactors and chemical handling and dosing control equipment.

Following neutralisation and settlement the supernatant is further treated by sulphide precipitation and filtration for removal of heavy metals to meet the sewer discharge consent. The treated waste stream is monitored prior to discharge.   Sludge dewatering is by filter presses and cake is removed from site for disposal to landfill.

A controlled drum storage and transfer station for bulking of solvents is also included on the site.


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