Mission Statement

To provide an independent and cost effective consultancy service to industry and municipalities in relation to water purification and waste water treatment.

Guiding Principles

Whitewater's guiding principles are:

  • To endeavour to provide to Clients advice which, if correctly implemented, will achieve a cost saving at least equal to Whitewater's professional fees;
  • To be familiar with current technologies and to advise the use of technologies and techniques which are the most appropriate to the application;
  • To be independent of any contracting, process, chemical or equipment supplier;
  • To act within the guidelines set by current best practices and within current legislative frameworks;
  • To maintain standards appropriate to the profession of Chemical Engineering;
  • To minimise risks to personnel, property and the environment;

Environmental Policy Statement

It is the policy of Whitewater Ltd, as far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure that advice given to Clients in connection with their water and wastewater activities results in the minimum environmental impact.

Accordingly we are committed to:

  • Evaluate all options in respect of technology, economics, environmental impact and sustainability
  • Ensure that recommended options are as efficient as possible in power and chemical consumption and minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote recycling and reuse
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company

Whitewater will make every reasonable effort to promote amongst its employees and subcontractors a genuine awareness of environmental matters and to create an understanding of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.

Richard Hill BSc CEng FIChemE MCIWEM
Managing Director

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