University of Reading
Principle Consultant:
Anderson Water Engineering
Project Capital Cost:
£200 000


The University sunk a borehole to provide drinking water to the campus as an alterntive to mains water. The borehole water exceeded the EC Drinking Water Directive limits for iron and manganese and a new treatment plant was required to reduce iron to below 200 m g/l and manganese to below 50 m g/l. Whitewater reviewed the contractor's design and supervised installation and commissioning on behalf of the University.


Review of process design calculations, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), control philosophy and specifications for major items of plant including pumps, filters and tankage.

The process route consists of aeration by compressed air injection and pre-chlorination followed by filtration using pressure filters charged with granular catalytic filter media. After filtration the water is stored prior to distribution. Filter backwash water is discharged to sewer.

The savings over using mains water resulted in a pay-back period of three years.

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