Ford Motor Co.
Principle Consultant:
Posford Duvivier
Project Capital Cost:
£120 000


To meet the requirements of coloured bumper production it was necessary to double the available supply of high purity water (0.5µS/cm). This was accomplished by modifying the existing central deionisation plant.


The existing central deionisation plant produced two grades of deionised water: 0.5µS/cm quality for phosphating and 1µS/cm quality for the electrocoat paint system. By integrating the two plants and adding an extra mixed bed polishing unit to the system it was possible, at relatively modest cost, to increase the total volume of deionised water available and to upgrade all the water to 0.5µS/cm quality. The increased volume met the increased production needs of the coloured bumper line and also improved the quality of water supplied to the electrocoat paint system with resultant improvements in quality control

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