Anglian Water
Principle Consultant:
Acer Environmental
Birse Construction
Project Capital Cost:
£2 500 000


The project consisted of the design and construction of a new 4.5Ml/day water treatment works at the existing Maltby borehole pumping station site. The plant consists of aeration, catalytic filtration for iron and manganese removal and disinfection by on-site electrochlorination. A new 4500 m³ reservoir was also included in the project. Whitewater worked with Acer Environmental to develop a detailed process design for Birse Water Engineering.


Preparation of Process Flow Diagram, P&ID, control philosophy, detailed process design and equipment specification.

Borehole water from three boreholes is aerated by a splash type aerator and is then pumped through three horizontal pressure filters using catalytic manganese dioxide media to effect oxidation and filtration of iron and manganese.

The filtered water is chlorinated by the addition of sodium hypochlorite and then passes into the reservoir. The sodium hypochlorite is generated by electrolysis of brine and the plant consists of salt storage, electrolysis equipment, hypochlorite storage, dosing pumps and chlorine residual control. High lift pumps deliver water into service reservoirs and additional chlorination is provided at the high lift pumps.

The filters are cleaned by air scouring and washing with filtered water from a dedicated storage tank. Dirty backwash water is recovered by settlement and returned to the head of the works.

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